What To-Do Before Your Move

What To-Do Before Your Move

Moving this summer and not sure where to begin? If the thought of relocating makes your head spin, you're not alone. Stay grounded and keep your eye on the destination. For a smooth move, prepare a To-Do list in advance with every task you'll need to complete every week leading up to moving day. We'll help you brainstorm with a two-month sample calendar.

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Sort & Purge

Go through every room and decide what is being packed and transported by the movers, what is being packed and taken with you, what is trash, and what is being donated. If you are donating furniture or disposing of large items, some movers will provide this service for an additional fee. Think about any items that will require special packing or extra coverage. Clear away anything that isn't coming to your new home to get it out of the way.

Research Moving Companies

Ask about licenses and valuation information. Get and compare written estimates from insured moving companies. For an accurate quote, have an estimator from each company come to your home and evaluate the items being moved. Don't rely on over-the-phone quotes. If you forget to mention something, it may make the total on moving day higher than the estimate. For tips on how to find a reputable mover, read 3 Ways to Find A Mover You Can Trust. Be sure to discuss any additional services you may need like packing, disposal, unpacking, shipping, storage, or cleanouts with the estimator. Once you've chosen a mover, schedule moving day as soon as possible, especially if you're relocating during on-peak moving season which is May through September. Moving companies get booked quickly during this time and will have less flexibility on dates if you wait too long.

Buy Moving Supplies

For things you'd like to pack and take with you, have plenty of boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, paper, and tape on hand. If you're using packers the day before your move, some moving companies require you to purchase the supplies separate from the labor. Jensen Movers determines how many boxes you'll need during the estimate and includes the price of labor in the quote. Be sure to understand the fees involved with using packers from your moving company.

Pack & Label

If you're doing your own packing, box up the items you use most infrequently first. Note any items of value that might require additional coverage. Declare any items valued over $100 per pound in writing. Separate valuables that you'll be transporting yourself, such as jewelry and your safe box. Keep track of your belongings by labeling and numbering each box with its contents and destination room. At any time, if things change, and you'd like help with packing, call your moving company and let them know.   

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Confirm Arrangements

A few days before moving day, call the moving company and reconfirm your arrangements. Double-check the details about additional services you booked and the arrival times of packers and movers. Give the moving company updated driving directions to your new home and your contact information and verify your payment plan.

From start to finish, there is a lot to do when you're moving. Planning is just the first step. Grab a pen and paper, take a seat, and start making your list. Add reminders to your calendar to help you stay on track during the moving process. You'll be glad you did!