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Hiring Movers or DIY: What’s best for you?

Hiring Movers or DIY: What’s best for you?

What’s the best way to move house?  Do you move yourself?  Do you hire professionals?  No matter your situation, there are pros and cons involved in both hiring professionals and completing the task on your own.  Your decision will most likely lie in your budget, moving specifics and your own preference.

If you’re looking for guidance, look no further!  Today, we’re helping you figure out which moving solution is best for you & your family and breaking down the pros of each option.

The PROs of hiring movers

1. Less Work and Planning

The best part about hiring movers is you won’t have to lift a finger.  The professionals can handle all aspects of your move from point A to point B (or C, or D!).  If the movers run into any maneuverability problems (narrow hallways, tight corners), they’ll have the expertise to properly prevent damage.

2. Less Stress

Moving is the third most stressful life event and you’ll soon find out why.  By delegating the pack & move to professionals, you’ll save yourself a lot of negative energy and stay focused on other important tasks.

3. Liability

Licensed moving companies have liability provisions they must follow to stay in operation.  If your goods are damaged or lost due to their negligence, your goods will be covered.  Movers offer basic coverage and Full Replacement Valuation.

4. Equipment

Renting a truck sounds easy enough, but there’s a lot of other equipment you’ll have to consider.  Your mover brings all the equipment: moving blankets, tape, stretch wrap, dollies, straps, ladders, etc.  Those little expenses could surprise you if they’re not included with the truck rental.  Additionally, you won’t have to worry about paying for gas.

5. Options and Guidance

Movers offer a multitude of services to cater to your needs.  These add-ons are called accessorial services. These services include packing, storage, disposal, and more. Generally, moving companies will work with your budget and provide guidance on what they can handle for you and (if you want to save $$$) what you can do yourself. Reputable movers have a full-time office staff to properly coordinate your move and answer important questions. You don’t move every day, after all!

The PROs of DIY moving

1. Affordability

Your budget plays a huge role in choosing between DIY and Pros.  Remember, moving yourself still comes with its fair share of costs.  These costs include truck rentals, rental insurance, tolls, fuel, moving equipment, furniture repairs, and other unforeseen add-ons.  Overall, if you’re moving a short distance, don’t mind the heavy lifting, and have a smaller shipment, a DIY is your most economical option.

2. Control

You’ll have more control over how your possessions are packed, loaded, and transported.  By enlisting in the help of trustworthy friends, you might not need professional help.  Additionally, you won’t have to worry about extra contracts and paperwork.

3. Scheduling & Timing

Your move is scheduled on your terms and goes how you see fit.  This might make you feel less pressured.  Keep in mind DIY moves tend to take longer.  Additionally, if you just want to get the job done and aren’t as concerned about some items sustaining damage along the way, a DIY move is your best bet.

The Bottom Line

Moving is physically demanding and a lot of work.  It never hurts to call a mover and schedule an estimate to get a feel for the process.  You’ll learn a little bit and decide if a DIY move is right for you.