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All Types of Storage Solutions

All Types of Storage Solutions

One of the tricky things about downsizing is that you must let things go. When furniture, keepsakes, the motorcycle, or even your antique car doesn’t fit in the new home, it can be difficult to decide what to do. If selling or donating doesn’t feel right, consider renting a storage unit. Storage is the best option for anything you still like that is in good condition, usable in the future, or has sentimental value. The pros and cons of individual units are highly dependent on the type of storage facility you chose.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Every storage facility is different. Prices and features will vary depending on where you live. In general, you can expect the size of an indoor storage unit to be smaller than an outdoor one. Sizes may vary, but many indoor storage units are comparable to a walk-in closet or home office, which is enough space to store moving boxes, valuables, keepsakes, antiques, breakables, and small furniture. Outdoor storage units are usually larger, comparable to the size of a garage, and can store large items including cars, motorcycles, wrapped furniture, and heavy appliances. It’s best not to store weather-sensitive items in outdoor storage because it’s not climate-controlled and the items will be susceptible to humidity, rain, heat, cold, and insects. Indoor storage is climate-controlled and protected from all weather conditions since the unit is inside a secure building. Items in indoor storage are accessible by appointment or during the facility’s hours of operation due to a higher level of security. Many outdoor storage units are drive-in accessible and padlocked so you can access your goods at any time. Be sure to check the details of specific facilities you are considering in your area to understand more about their security, accessibility, climate, and unit sizes.

Private Storage

storage warehouse
Storage warehouse at Jensen Movers.

Private storage is a full-service where a moving company picks up your goods and transports them to an indoor storage facility. All items are professionally wrapped, packed, and locked in individual wooden crates where they are protected from the elements, bugs, and rodents. Your belongings are highly secure and accessible by appointment. When you’re ready to retrieve your goods from storage, the moving company will deliver them to your address at a scheduled time. Private storage is ideal for whole rooms of furniture and moving boxes you don’t need to access until you relocate.

storage crates
A storage crate packed by a Tetris expert at Jensen Movers.

Jensen Movers has a private storage facility used by customers who are moving locally and long-distance. When you’re relocating, putting your belongings into storage can be a helpful, long or short-term solution. If your house sold quickly, and you haven’t found a new place to live, or your settlement dates are far apart, you’ll need to put your goods into storage for safe keeping. You may also require private storage if the home you’re selling is being staged or you are waiting for your new home to be built. Our movers are excellent crate packers who know how to maximize space.


With self-storage, you are responsible for transporting and unloading your belongings at the storage facility with no assistance from the storage company. You will be given a key to the facility and can access your items based on the facility’s hours of operation.

The most important thing when choosing a place to store your belongings is that you feel the items are safe and protected. Whether you’re looking for short or long-term storage solutions, do your research and ask the facility about their security, climate-control, unit sizes, accessibility, and price.


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