8 Forgotten Things You’ll Need Before the Furniture Arrives

8 Forgotten Things You’ll Need Before the Furniture Arrives

Sometimes we focus too much on packing and forget what we need for unpacking. After all, we're packing for the destination. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to forget these eight essentials on moving day. Before your move, pack these items along with your overnight suitcase, and take them with you for quick and easy access.

Paper & Pen

In a new, empty home, it's not likely a paper and pen will just be sitting on the counter when the phone rings. Keep a notepad and pen nearby to jot down reminders, names, and numbers. Start the unpacking process by making a list of everything you’ll need to complete over the next few days and organize it in priority order. If you find something that needs to be repaired, write it down, so you can research how to get it fixed later. Post-It notes are great for marking where you want the furniture to go and how much space it will take. Before your furniture is delivered, stick notes on the walls detailing the items being placed in each room.

Tape Measure

Visualizing how much space each piece uses in a room will be much easier to predict if you know the measurements of your furniture (or have them written down). Grab a tape measure and estimate how everything will fit before the movers arrive. Planning in advance will ensure you won't have to relocate heavy items by yourself after the movers leave. Be prepared to tell the movers where you want each item so you’re not deciding at the last minute.

Box Cutter

Have a box cutter handy after you move so you don’t waste time scratching tape off the boxes. A box cutter can help you open boxes quickly and dismantle them for recycling. Be sure to remove any paper, plastic, or decals that are on or inside your boxes. Cut the tape then fold the box flat before following your housing development’s guidelines for recycling. 

Garbage Bags

The packing materials that protected your belongings can create an overwhelming amount of garbage. Clean up as you unpack by separating materials into a bag for recycling and a bag for trash. Haul the bags outside in shifts, following your housing development’s directions. You don't want to be that new neighbor who has an eyesore of garbage in front of their house or that person who filled a shared bin to the brim in an apartment complex.


Listening to something while you unpack will make you more productive. Download music, podcasts, or shows onto your phone, tablet, or laptop. Instead of streaming entertainment through your phone, purchase a temporary mobile hotspot like Straight Talk, so you're not exceeding your cellular data plan. Don’t forget the charging cables and/or batteries for your electronics. Be sure to call the satellite/cable company and make an appointment for installation as soon as possible.

Takeout Menus & Apps

The first few days of settling into your new home are especially challenging. You’re exerting lots of energy unpacking and trying to figure out the best location for all your things. It’s not until your stomach gurgles that you ask, ‘What’s good to eat around here?’ and ‘Which restaurants deliver to my area?’. Take the guesswork out of eating and download a food delivery app or pick up some local takeout menus on your way to the new house. Digital Trends suggests these nine Best Food-Delivery Apps. At your earliest convenience, locate the nearest grocery store and pick up some basic food items that don’t require much cooking.

Shower Curtain

After a tiring day, you’ll be looking forward to a relaxing shower—unless you forgot the shower curtain. Then you'll be looking forward to mopping up a flood on the bathroom floor. If the shower curtain was packed, hopefully, you know which box it's in. You probably remembered to pack toiletries, clothes, a towel, and toilet paper in your overnight suitcase—and if not, here’s a friendly reminder—but the shower curtain is not something we often think about leaving outside the box. Sometime during the day, hang it up before you get tired.

Soaps & Detergents

End a long day with a good night’s rest. Bring laundry detergent and dryer sheets or laundry softener so you’ll have clean bedding. Wash and dry the bedding during the day between other tasks. Be sure to also buy dish soap (or detergent, if using the dishwasher), hand soap for the bathrooms, and cleaning supplies (if you didn't hire a deep cleaning service).

How We Can Help

The move may be over, but the unpacking has just begun. If it sounds like a nightmare—it is—but it doesn’t have to be. Jensen Movers offers an unpacking service to ease the stress so you can enjoy your new home faster. We’ll come in, unpack the boxes, and haul the materials away. Your belongs will be carefully laid out for you to organize and store. Contact us if you're interested in learning more about our unpacking services. We hope you have a smooth transition into your new home.